About us

Primarily a big family

As the youngest sprouts of the Hetényi family we are proudly entitled to be the 6th generation. The hexagonal seal of our new image also refers to the next generation and to our diversity. We work together as a real team with our family and our partners, namely our colleagues.

Hetényi János és Hetényi Panna

Our passion is the wine. But apart from that we are also dealing with hospitality and event management, so that we can introduce the location of our house, Mecseknádasd, to people in diverse ways.
Our family business that was thought out and build up by our parents, was founded in 1992. Furthermore, our dear father, Hetényi János is the winemaker, whose right hand is one of his sons-in-law, Csaba. Emese is dealing with the hospitality and event management. Our dear mother is the one working a lot in the background, so without her most probably we wouldn’t finish with our daily to-dos. She is the creator of our family, the inventor and realizer. Design, marketing line and new innovations are created by Panna (myself). Her husband is the perfect support, who besides his own work accompanies her everywhere and helps with her work.

Environment conscious and conscious environment

Our family was always committed to the conservation of our environment and we take every opportunity to highlight its importance. Already for years the separate collection of waste has been fundamental in the every-day life of our winery. This separately collected waste is recycled and used for other purposes. (composting, heating)

In addition, the spices and foodstuffs, vegetables and fruits are partly taken from our own garden and partly come from producers of our region, like the meat, cheese, tea and honey we use.

Social responsibility and taken role

We are exercising our wine-producing activities in behalf of the Hungarian wine culture, we are practicing with our expert colleagues as a teamwork and as a result we are creating values every day. We are proud of our dear father who is an important representative of Hungary’s wine culture, for he has already been the president of the Borbaráti Társaság (Wine Community) of Mecseknádasd for 11 successful years. Our important event is the Wine Competition of Hungarian Germans, which is developing every year and already more than 700 products are competing in the competition. Moreover, he is of course member of the Szekszárdi Céh and the Szekszárdi kör, member of the round-table of the Borlovag and Kadarka. In 1998 he was one of the founders of the wine route in the Mecsek hills of Pécs. As a recognition of his industriousness he became Pro Vinum member in 2014. And in 2017 we joined the community of Wine in Moderation, so that we can reach people of a broader range.

Also for our generation the social work and the role we are playing, the cooperation and collaboration are important, so we have a close cooperation with the Gyűszű Estade in Szekszárd and unremittingly we try to help those organizations that are contacting us and look for other opportunities of cooperation.

The generation change is always a new beginning

Our goal is to secure an always happy, committed and responsible workplace, which offers long-term security and prestige. Our motto is the quality, reliability and attention, so that the complacence of our business partners can be felt in every part of the world. Enjoying our happy wines at us, you become part of the surrounding nature, because drinking Hetényi is also fun!